November 15, 2023

Earth Alive Makes its First Sales in Spain

November 15, 2023

Earth Alive Makes its First Sales in Spain

Montréal, Canada, November 15, 2023 – Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. (TSXV: EAC – Earth Alive” or the “Company”), a leader in the development, production and distribution of technological solutions that allow the industry to move from the chemical era to the organic era, is pleased to announce the execution of the first sales agreements for its Soil ActivatorTM product on the Spanish market.

Spain is one of the principal European agricultural markets with 25 million hectares of cultivated lands, including 2.6 million of organic agriculture. The biofertilizers market in Spain is worth today 87.9 million Euros and should reach 115 million Euros by 2026. The Spanish market potentially represents 1.2 billion Euros; Earth Alive ambitions to become an important player in this market.


A response to agricultural issues

“This year, Spain beat all heat records with temperatures exceeding by 15 to 20 degrees normal seasonal temperatures in several regions” explains Nikolaos Sofronis, Earth Alive’s President, and Chief Executive Officer. “Temperature increases accompanied the drought that has been raging for 32 months.”

Spain has been identified by the United Nations as part of the 70 countries presenting a desertification risk. Three quarter of Spain’s territory is at risk. The international organization believes that the entire agricultural sector, a pillar of the country’s economy, is in danger.

By combining the beneficial properties of its micro-organisms, Earth Alive is able to offer solutions that optimize water usage while maintaining, if not increasing, agricultural productivity.

“Our specifically selected micro-organisms improve soil health and its capacity to retain water to make it more available to the plants. This allows the optimization of water resources while maximizing crop productivity”.

The drought’s impact included a record number of fires. Thanks to its composition, Soil Activator could play a pivotal role in rehabilitating damaged soil.

Soil Activator’s first sales have already been booked after the obtention of the right to commercialize in Q3 2023.


Sustainable dust control

Finally, Spain’s desertification foreshadows enormous needs in the dust control segment. Thanks to its ea1TM product, Earth Alive offers a solution that allows to reduce by more than 90% water consumption on mine and quarry sites as well as in the construction industry.

With respect to roads close to agricultural lands, ea1’s calling is to prevent dust from invading crops. Nikolaos Sofronis explains: “Once spread over the targeted area, a road for example, the natural ingredients that compose the ea1 solution bind the particles together, retain soil moisture and creates a firm and resistant surface, preventing the dust from being air-borne. We have reduced by up to 96% dust emissions with this product. ea1 allows not only important water savings but also the preservation of pure water, a resource that is more and more precious and restrained”.

The first sales in Spain of this dust-suppressant should be booked during Q1 2024.


About Earth Alive Clean Technologies

Earth Alive is an industry leader in microorganism-based technologies. Earth Alive’s innovative products contribute to regenerative agriculture, natural dust suppression with minimal water use and industrial cleaning that is ecological and human friendly. For additional information, please visit:


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