Cleaner solutions to face industrial challenges

Innovating solutions for industrial contamination


Interlube’s solutions address the problem of environmental contamination caused by industrial equipment.

Traditional fluids such as hydraulic oil, coolant, transmission oil, and grease are essential for the operation of heavy equipment but can lead to contamination of soil, products, and operators in case of leaks or failures.

Our innovative approach tackles this problem head-on.

Our biodegradable alternatives outperform petroleum-based options while being less harmful to both users and the environment. With performance meeting or exceeding industry standards, we ensure minimal environmental impact and compliance with regulations.

Contrary to common belief, transitioning to our biodegradable products doesn’t mean sacrificing performance. We engineer our solutions to surpass the effectiveness of traditional fluids, providing optimal performance without compromising on environmental responsibility.

Transitioning to our biodegradable products is a straightforward process backed by our expertise and proprietary conversion fluids. We guide you through the conversion process, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations while maximizing the benefits of our innovative solutions.

All-purpose industrial cleaner

Biopure EA™

The only all-natural industrial cleaner that effectively cleans and removes organic materials such as grease and oil, but also synthetic materials while eliminating odors

Biopure EA™ is formulated with naturally occurring microorganisms that break down organic compounds. Our cleaner is biodegradable and poses no risks to the environment compared to harsh chemical cleaners, minimizing the release of harmful substances into waterways or surrounding ecosystems.

Thanks to the metabolic activity of microorganisms, Biopure EA™ can effectively break down glycol into harmless byproducts, reducing its impact on the environment. Unlike some harsh chemical cleaners that can damage or degrade the tarmac surface, Biopure EA™ is less likely to cause long-term negative effects while generating cost savings for industrial cleaning operations.

Biopure EA™ contains specific strains of microorganisms that are adept at breaking down organic matter such as dirt, grime, and food residues. Our cleaner can effectively remove stains and odors from various surfaces outside and inside public transport vehicles including seats, floors, and upholstery. The biological action of Biopure EA™ helps to eliminate organic compounds responsible for unpleasant odors, resulting in a fresher and cleaner environment.

Biopure EA™ contains specific strains of microorganisms that can break down organic matter, such as grease, oil, dirt, and other residues commonly found on heavy machinery and equipment. Our cleaner can effectively penetrate and degrade organic contaminants, making it easier to remove it from surfaces. The biological action helps to break down complex organic compounds, resulting in a thorough and efficient cleaning process.

Organic dust suppressant


The first 100% organic dust suppressant that respects flora and fauna

Once applied onto the ground, the natural components present in the ea1™ bind the soil particles, retain the soil moisture and create a firm and resistant layer on the surface, preventing dust from becoming airborne and capturing surrounding dust.

Our dust suppressant is suitable for the specific construction sector creating a safer, compliant, and sustainable construction environment. ea1™ prevents soil erosion, maintaining the integrity of the construction site and reducing environmental impact. It promotes worker health and safety by reducing airborne dust particles. Surrounding areas are protected from dust migration avoiding property damage, and maintaining positive community relations with local populations.

ea1™ dust suppressant controls dust, improving air quality and reducing respiratory issues for cats and their owners. It also minimizes tracking of dust particles, keeping the living space cleaner. ea1™ helps control odors by breaking down organic matter while being environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

We offer a 360° service to find the best 100% organic solution to meet our customers challenges.

Contact our team to find out which protocol best suits your needs.