Environment Social Governance

Biotechnologies making the greatest environmental impact with the smallest footprint

Minimalizing our footprint first

Through our core business, we bring a unique solution to ESG issues for the mining, agriculture, industry and water sectors.

We have developed the first highly efficient 100% bio-based solutions which reduce water consumption and improve the carbon footprint without any groundwater pollution or ecotoxicological effects.

We strongly believe every drop counts.

Sustainability challenges of our clients

Growing demand for responsible practices

Consumers and investors request more and more responsible practices from our clients to maintain their license to operate and attract investments.

Increasing government regulations

Implementation of new governmental regulations aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our clients and improving social outcomes for workers and communities.

Climate change

Our clients will need to adopt sustainable practices to reduce their carbon footprint and prepare for their future.

Limited resources

Industries can help ensure that the finite resources of the Earth are used responsibly and preserved for future generations.

How we help

Earth Alive helps by providing solutions for responsible practices that respect the rights of workers and local communities.

This allows our clients to be in compliance with local and international ecological regulations and to improve their work environment.

Our ESG initiatives


We support the NGO Up2green which implements, with local populations, programs of reforestation, agroforestry, protection of ecosystems and water resources. The objective is to provide technical expertise for good agricultural practices.

Sustainable Fiber Initiative

The Sustainable Fiber Initiative was created by Earth Alive to support fiber crop producers in North America, Latin America and Africa. The goal is to develop improved sustainable production methods for crops like cotton.

Mocha Initiative

The Mocha Initiative is a collaboration between Earth Alive, producer cooperatives and farms in Africa and Latin America. The goal is to develop better sustainable production methods for coffee and cocoa.

Prevention of forced or child labour

The Annual Report on the Prevention of Forced or Child Labour in Our Supply Chain aims to promote transparency and accountability, showcasing the company’s commitment to ethical business practices and adherence to regulatory requirements.