Life science at the service of the earth

Earth Alive is a biotech addressing environmental challenges in agriculture, mining and industry with a portfolio of innovative and effective biological technologies and living microorganisms.


We are leaders in the development, production and distribution of technological solutions that are shifting industry from the chemical to the biological era.

We offer a large range of natural and powerful microorganisms-based products for active soil and vigorous plants from the roots up.
We patented ea1™, the first 100% organic dust control technology for mines and road infrastructures.
All our innovative products have a positive impact on water consumption and act effectively while respecting groundwater, rivers and oceans.
We developed Biopure EA™, the first and only all-natural industrial cleaner that removes grease deposits from heavy machinery and equipment.

Clean technologies

Biotechnologies making the greatest environmental impact with the smallest footprint

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Our ESG initiatives


We support the NGO Up2green which implements, with local populations, programs of reforestation, agroforestry, protection of ecosystems and water resources. The objective is to provide technical expertise for good agricultural practices.