regenerating soil
around the world

Earth Alive wants to feed the world by providing the population with tools to regenerate soil, with the objective of rendering every culture sustainable and independent.

The Agriculture Division of Earth Alive is based on one simple conviction: a healthy and natural soil is essential for productive and sustainable agriculture. We have developed lines of products that are not only environmentally friendly but also sustainable and safe for humans. The development and availability of organic-compliant input options for all levels of agricultural production is a major issue in the worldwide supply chain.

Earth Alive is the leader in environmental sustainability and believes in giving back to local communities. The Clean Fiber and Mocha Initiatives are just the beginning of what kind of difference Earth Alive can make. By using biology to create microbial-based products, the needs of all organic and natural agricultural producers can be met.

Through our Soil-First Platform, we offer cutting-edge soil amendments and inputs to meet the needs of all organic and natural agricultural producers.



A natural and powerful microbial product for active soil and vigorous plants from the roots up. Intended for all types of plants and soils.

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