Sustainable and efficient dust control for mining

Organic dust suppressant

ea1™: a unique mode of action

ea1™ is the first 100% bio-based and biodegradable competitive dust suppressant product in the world, fauna- and flora-friendly, specially designed for heavy-duty and harsh conditions of mining sites.

Once applied onto the ground, the natural components present in the ea1™ bind the soil particles, retain the soil moisture and create a firm and resistant layer on the surface, preventing dust from becoming airborne and capturing surrounding dust.

Before ea1™

When the roads are under a high stress situation, the soil particles cannot stay agglomerated, generating high dust emissions in the air.

ea1™ action

Earth Alive has selected the most productive biosurfactant microorganisms to agglomerate the road particulate matter.

After ea1™

ea1™ is versatile enough to be applied anywhere, from the heaviest mine haul roads to medium and lighter traffic roads, such as social roads.

Immediate results

Up to
0 %

reduction of dust emissions

More than
0 %

reduction of water consumption

0 %

environmentally and groundwater-friendly

Earth Alive brings a unique solution to ESG issues in the mining sector ​

Sustainable and efficient dust control

Key benefits for mining sector

Easy application

Reduced operating costs

Operational improvement

Environmentally friendly

We offer a 360° service to find the best 100% organic solution to meet our customers challenges.

Contact our team to find out which protocol best suits your needs.

Product certification

We market ea1™ to the global mining industry and other industries as an effective and environmentally sustainable alternative to the use of limited water resources and harmful chemicals such as chlorides and petroleum derivatives. ea1™ is the only BNQ-certified organic dust suppression.