October 25, 2023

Earth Alive Commercializes its Soil Activator in Greece

October 25, 2023

Earth Alive Commercializes its Soil Activator in Greece

Montréal, Canada, October 25, 2023 – Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. (TSXV: EAC – Earth Alive” or the “Company”), a leader in the development, production and distribution of technological solutions that allow the industry to move from the chemical era to the organic era, is pleased to announce that it has obtained the authorization to market and launch the commercialization in Greece of its flagship organic agricultural product Soil ActivatorTM.

Earth Alive chose Greece as the first European country to launch its Soil Activator, reinforcing its increasing worldwide presence in the market of microorganism-based biostimulants. Soil Activator improves crop nutrition by increasing the availability of soil nutrients.

Soil Activator is certified organic by two international organisms and is currently being used on a large scale in numerous varieties of crops in both organic and nonorganic farms. It is used in Canada, the United States, Central America and South America as well as in certain parts of Africa.

Thanks to its ingredients, Soil Activator plays a vital role in soil rehabilitation, notably after natural disasters.


Greece opens the European door

“Earth Alive could be of great help to today’s Greece” explains Nikolaos Sofronis, Earth Alive’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Indeed, for many years and yet a month ago, Greece has been facing extreme weather conditions. Unprecedented forest fires and massive floodings have inflicted a heavy blow on Greek agriculture.”

In Thessaly, close to 450,000 hectares were flooded during the summer, including 97% of cultivated land. Thessaly’s lowland contributes up to 8 billion Euros to the Greek GDP. The European Commission has offered an aid of 2.25 billion Euros to help Greece. Nikolaos Sofronis explains: “We have already contacted the Greek authorities as well as certain organizations that help farmers. Our objective is to position our services and our products in order to contribute to soil rehabilitation after these disasters.”

Earth Alive confirms the launch of a communication campaign targeting Greek agricultural cooperatives and will also participate in the Agrotica Thessaloniki to be held from February 1 to 4 next, one of the world’s biggest agricultural shows, in order to present its Soil Activator to the Greek and Balkan markets.



About Earth Alive Clean Technologies

Earth Alive is an industry leader in microorganism-based technologies. Earth Alive’s innovative products contribute to regenerative agriculture, natural dust suppression with minimal water use and industrial cleaning that is ecological and human friendly. For additional information, please visit: https://earthalivect.com/.


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