Soil Activator™

Farm gate reports

Soil Activator™ biofertilizer

Tested, proven, and adopted in a variety of crops across the world

Winter wheat & barley

Centre-Val de Loire, France

The strips treated with Soil Activator™ averaged 10% higher yield than the untreated areas.


Magdalena, Colombia

Bunch size, grade and weight were all improved with the use of Soil Activator™. This test confirmed optimal dosage for banana plantation at 25 kg per hectare.


Chimbote, Peru

Asparagus crops accumulate nutrient reserves during their vegetative growth phase to support the production of marketable asparagus spears. The grower observed improved growth during the season.


Quillota, Chile

Leaf tissue analysis performed showed that any of the leaf nutrient levels were higher with the use of Soil Activator™.


Oregon, USA

Treatments included Soil Activator™ alone and in combination with a commercially available soil conditioner to aid in penetrating the mulch layer, as well as an untreated control and conditioner alone treatment.


Sud Comoé, Ivory Coast

This farm typically harvests cocoa twice per year. The growth and production of cocoa trees treated with Soil Activator™ was superior in several ways; general plant growth was improved, with bigger, greener, and “cleaner” leaves.


Valparaiso, Chile

Even though application occurred later than recommended, Soil Activator™ generated a number of benefits and improved root development in the treated vines.


Sexta Región, Chile

With Soil Activator™ , average fruit weight was 25% higher and generated 11% higher net farm revenue.

Oil Palm

Cabuyaro, Meta, Colombia

In this trial, all three doses of Soil Activator™ promoted productivity and resulted in yield increases between 10 – 32%.

Passion Fruit

Cascajal, Peru

By the end of the first harvest season, treated plants had yielded 86 tonnes per hectare; in the region, new plantings of passion fruit yield 50 tonnes per hectare on average.


Paso Real, San Isidro, Nicaragua

Plants treated with Soil Activator™ produced 44% more tillers compared to the untreated plants.


Cayambe, Ecuador

Visual observations found more vigorous plants, and increased flower stem strength.


Trujillo, Peru

Visual observations indicated that crop development was already improved 7 days after treatment.


Pimampiro, Ecuador

Tomatoes treated with Soil Activator™ produced larger tomatoes which also resulted in higher yields.


Trujillo, Peru

The number of harvests in the treated field were higher than typical and led to larger than average overall yield.