making our planet a
cleaner place for everyone

Along with Earth Alive’s objectives of making our planet a better place in which to live, we offer microbial-based solutions designed for most industrial applications.

At Earth Alive we want to decrease our customers’ operational costs, promote the well-being of the environment, workers and communities, while decreasing soil erosion. Economic incentives are now offered to reduce water requirements for dust control due to increased water restrictions and governmental regulations for mining and construction operations. Our products are ORGANIC and biodegradable MICROBIAL solutions for industrial applications.

With the Infrastructure Maintenance product line, Earth Alive offers EA1TM dust suppressant and RapidAll cleaner to remove dust, dirt and any other contaminant in a natural way.


EA1TM reduces dust by unleashing the power of microbial technology to keep dust particles in the soil.

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Can be used on all sorts of transit vehicles such as trucks, planes, trains, buses as well as heavy machinery and off-road equipment

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