28 de mayo de 2024

Earth Alive Clean Technologies, Inc. announces Boeing Certification for its dust suppressant ea1TM

28 de mayo de 2024

Earth Alive Clean Technologies, Inc. announces Boeing Certification for its dust suppressant ea1TM

Montreal, Canada, 28 May 2024— Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. (TSXV: EAC) («Earth Alive» or the «Company»), a leader in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of cutting-edge, environmentally friendly microbial solutions and products, is proud to announce that one of its flagship products, the ea1TM dust suppressant, has received Boeing compliance certification under the BSS7432 standard. This important milestone demonstrates the company’s commitment to quality and innovation in the clean industry.

The ea1TM has undergone rigorous testing and met Boeing’s stringent requirements for corrosion testing, acrylic cracking, paint softening, and hydrogen embrittlement. Passing these four tests demonstrates the product’s safety for direct and close contact with aircraft. The dust suppressant will be used on runways and around airports.

About ea1 TM

Traditionally used in the mining sector and for dust control on roads and in the construction sector, this new version of Earth Alive’s ea1TM was patented in 2023. The product is now proving its effectiveness within airports, where it offers significant safety and environmental benefits. The ea1TM helps to effectively reduce dust dispersion caused by air and ground traffic, thereby improving visibility while protecting the health of employees and passengers.

“Earth Alive’s dust suppressant works in two key phases to effectively and sustainably reduce dust emissions. Initially, the binding and wetting compounds present in the product capture and agglomerate fine dust particles, significantly reducing their propensity to disperse into the air. The components of the ea1™ formulation provide all the necessary conditions for establishing a microbial network in the soil. The microorganisms then continuously produce an agglomerating biofilm over several days, which stabilizes dust particles over time and improves soil structure. Receiving this Boeing certification is a recognition of the superior quality and environmental performance of our ea1TM”, explains Claudia Toussaint, CTO at Earth Alive. 

Nikolaos Sofronis, CEO of Earth Alive, explains: “This certification strengthens our position in the global market and supports our mission to provide sustainable solutions that respect both the environment and the most stringent industry standards. We plan to expand the use of ea1TM to other applications, based on the positive results of the certification and the excellent feedback from our partners and customers.” 

About Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc.

Earth Alive is a leader in the microbial technologies industry. Earth Alive’s innovative products contribute to regenerative agriculture, natural dust suppression with minimal water use, and ecological, human-friendly industrial cleaning. For more information, please visit: https://earthalivect.com/.

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