13 de mayo de 2024

Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. Consolidates Patent Strategy with its Soil Activator-TG™ Innovation and Strengthens its Position in the Global Biofertilizer Market

13 de mayo de 2024

Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. Consolidates Patent Strategy with its Soil Activator-TG™ Innovation and Strengthens its Position in the Global Biofertilizer Market

Montreal, Canada, May 13, 2024— Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. (TSXV: EAC) («Earth Alive» or the «Company»), a leader in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of advanced environmentally-friendly microbial products and solutions , proudly announces the filing of crucial patents for its new product Soil Activator-TG™. This significant step in protecting its strategic innovations enables Earth Alive to bolster its presence on the international market and secure its advanced technology.

Innovation and Benefits of Soil Activator-TG™

Soil Activator-TG™, an evolution of the original Soil Activator™, is an innovative biostimulant composed of beneficial bacteria on a bio-based carrier, offering a much higher concentration.

Its effective coating method applied to a wide range of granular fertilizers significantly improves the bioavailability of nutrients, optimizing their absorption by plants. This turns granular fertilizers into granular biofertilizers, with greater added value for improved soil health and reduced leaching loss.

According to Claudia Toussaint, CTO at Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc.: «The novelty lies in the composition of these granular biofertilizers, which act more effectively within the rhizosphere. Nitrogen fertilizers are uniquely vulnerable to leaching or volatilization. Meanwhile, phosphates can become fixed in the soil when they react with other minerals. Our specialized bacteria help protect these crucial nutrients, holding them in the soil and maintaining their availability until they are needed by the crop. The production process of granular biofertilizers is also simplified thanks to our new biostimulant Soil Activator-TG™, which offers a long shelf life in a soluble powder format.»

Patent Protection and Market Strategy

Patent protection, in collaboration with Calysta, a renowned intellectual property firm, provides Earth Alive with a competitive advantage, safeguarding its innovative technology until 2044 and establishing a barrier to entry for competitors.

Earth Alive successfully aligns its intellectual property strategy with its business and innovation strategy.

The potential market for Soil Activator-TG™ is vast, primarily targeting large fertilizer producers, with an estimated global market potential of several billion dollars.

Nikolaos Sofronis, CEO of Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc., explains: «The filing of these patents is not only a recognition of our innovation but also a catalyst for our future expansion. It complements the momentum of strengthening the patent portfolio initiated in 2023. We already know that this product is highly anticipated in the market. It not only meets the requirements of the new European regulations for reducing chemical inputs in agriculture, but it also aligns with the growing demand for sustainable solutions in modern agriculture, while reducing the workload of farmers.»

About Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc.

Earth Alive is a leader in microbial-based technology. Earth Alive’s innovative products contribute to regenerative agriculture, natural dust suppression with minimal water consumption, and ecological and human-friendly industrial cleaning. For more information, please visit: https://earthalivect.com/.

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