4 de junho de 2024

Green Technologies in Action: Earth Alive and Eldorado Gold Quebec Collaborate for Responsible Mining Operations

4 de junho de 2024

Green Technologies in Action: Earth Alive and Eldorado Gold Quebec Collaborate for Responsible Mining Operations

Montreal, Canada, 4 June 2024— Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. (TSXV: EAC) (“Earth Alive” or the “Company”), a leader in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly microbial solutions and products, is pleased to announce today the renewal of a strategic partnership with Eldorado Gold Quebec, which operates the Lamaque underground mine located in Val-d’Or, Quebec. In commercial production for 5 years, the company is committed to minimizing its environmental impacts by applying industry best practices.

This partnership integrates one of Earth Alive’s advanced technologies — Interlube bio-lubricants — demonstrating both companies’ commitment to a forward-looking mining industry. Eldorado Gold Quebec has been using biodegradable oils since 2017. Today, the entire fleet of underground mobile equipment uses these oils, a first in the industry.

With its comprehensive and diverse portfolio of solutions, Earth Alive is the ideal partner to offer a 360° approach to meet the needs of mines in their ecological transition by promoting the use of biological products.

Collaboration Highlights

Product Benefits:

  • The adoption of biological oils has reduced the environmental risks of Eldorado Gold Quebec’s operations. These lubricants, entirely derived from plant sources, are not only biodegradable but also non-toxic. Using these lubricants in heavy mining equipment allows Eldorado Gold Quebec to reduce the risks of soil and groundwater pollution in the event of spills. Additionally, these products are designed to offer excellent performance under the severe constraints of mining environments, ensuring the reliability and durability of the machinery. Eldorado Gold Quebec has adopted Interlube products for underground mining equipment.

Nikolaos Sofronis, CEO of Earth Alive, explains: “Our partnership with Eldorado Gold Quebec is a testament to our ability to offer a comprehensive range of ecological solutions to the mining industry. We are proud to provide products that not only respect the environment but also holistically address the diverse ecological needs of mines.”

Martin Pichette, Director of Operations and Maintenance at Eldorado Gold Quebec, adds: “Using Earth Alive’s products aligns perfectly with our vision of sustainable development. These products allow us not only to meet but exceed our environmental commitments.”

Patrick Ouellet, Commercial Director of Interlube, explains: “Initiating this partnership with Eldorado Gold Quebec was a decisive step for Interlube, and now, as an integral part of Earth Alive, we are able to expand our collaboration. This union offers us the unique opportunity to present Eldorado Gold Quebec with a broader range of environmental solutions.” With this partnership, Earth Alive and Eldorado Gold Quebec confirm that economic performance and social responsibility can go hand in hand. This project marks the continuity of our common quest for a sustainable future.

About Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc.

Earth Alive is a leader in the microbial technologies industry. Earth Alive’s innovative products contribute to regenerative agriculture, natural dust suppression with minimal water use, and ecological, human-friendly industrial cleaning. For more information, please visit: https://earthalivect.com.

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