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The Mocha Initiative is a collaboration between Earth Alive Clean Technologies and producer cooperatives and farms in Africa and Latin America. The goal is to develop improved sustainable production methods for coffee and cocoa.

About mocha initiative

Your morning cup of coffee takes about 70 coffee beans to make. Your afternoon chocolate fix requires about 40 cocoa beans.

There are approximately 20 million hectares in the world dedicated to coffee and cocoa production, and most of the world’s supply of coffee and cocoa is produced by roughly 15 million smallholder farmers. For these people – generally in developing countries around the world – coffee and cocoa production is their way of life. These two crops are often the key economic activities for remote regions and the beginning of a multi-billion dollar value chain around the world. In many countries coffee and cocoa production and trade are key sources of national income and foreign exchange.

International demand for coffee and cocoa is higher than ever and continues to rise yearly. Coffee consumption rose to 9 million tonnes (MT) in September 2016, and production is forecast to rise to 9.3 million MT in 2017. Cacao global demand has averaged over 4 million MT since 2014.

"We like our coffee and chocolate – let’s support our coffee and cocoa farmers!"


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Production is not keeping up with demand – climate change, disease and numerous other factors are having a major effect on the productivity of coffee and cocoa plantations. Many coffee regions are still recovering from widespread decimation caused by the devastating disease called coffee leaf rust, and the changing climate presents an additional challenge for coffee plantations to overcome.

As consumers of coffee and chocolate, these are issues we rarely hear about. New environmentally sustainable practices and technologies need to be developed to help farmers adapt to these challenges. The solutions cannot be “cut and paste” from laboratories on other continents – they need to be simple to implement and accessible to smallholders without taking on unmanageable debt.

We at Earth Alive enjoy our coffee and chocolate. We have been lucky enough to meet smallholder farmers in coffee and cocoa regions, and to learn about their reality and concerns. We connected the dots and we decided to launch the Earth Alive Mocha Initiative. The initiative is a research and communication platform whose objective is to facilitate and improve sustainable production methods for coffee and cocoa through collaborative research approaches with producer cooperatives and farms in Africa and Latin America.

Through this network of commercial-scale test plots around the world, the Initiative works with growers and grower organizations to measure and validate the impact of microbial soil inoculation and other sustainable soil management practices on coffee and cocoa, their impact on soil fertility and carbon storage, plant productivity, and bean quality.

We are convinced the answers to agriculture’s challenges lie in the soil – that fostering healthy soil is the first step to keeping plants productive, and a key factor in helping smallholders and farmers stay on their land, improve their income, and enhance their communities.

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Mocha Initiative participants are located in coffee and cocoa producing regions around the world, and we continue to enlist new members.

  • Central America-El Salvador: Coffee 1 kit
  • Eastern Africa-Ethiopia: Coffee 6 kits
  • Western Africa-Ivory Coast: Cocoa 3 kits
  • Central America -Nicaragua: Coffee 1 kit
  • Nicaragua: Coffee 6 kits, Cocoa 3 kits


"Since using Earth Alive's Soil Activator, I've noticed the harvest coming sooner. My cocoa trees have been harvested three times, which is amazing. Their leaves are much greener and bigger, and look so clean, they shine! This product is revolutionary. A fellow of mine has tried the Soil Activator as well, and his opinion is the same as mine: without a doubt, Earth Alive has created a very good and forward thinking product for agriculture."

Sir. Nzore, Ivory Coast

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