Management Team

The Earth Alive Management Team


David Gilmour, Founder and director

David Gilmour started his career with Navion, a Toronto-based financial consultancy group, where he spent eight years acting mainly with clients in the health care sector across Canada. He then joined Cirque du Soleil, a Montreal-based entertainment company, as head of the Corporate Alliances Division. During his four year tenure at Cirque, David built a roster of Blue Chip corporate partners for the company on 4 continents. His instincts for building solid international strategic alliances won him recognition throughout the business in North America and abroad. While at Cirque, the Chicago-based IEG Group called David one of the 10 most creative corporate alliance executives in the USA.

Following Cirque, David held senior positions in management and corporate alliances in the entertainment industry. In 2006, a change of business sector brought him to take on the helm of a heavy-chemicals and lubricant manufacturer. It was in this role that he became acquainted with new, alternate, and high performance clean technologies, available for a variety of industrial applications. David acquired Earth Alive Resources in May of 2011, an R&D company focused in the AgTech sector. The company was renamed Earth Alive Clean Technologies to begin worldwide commercialization of its technologies.

Michael Warren, CEO

Michael built and managed LFP Solutions, an organic soil inputs distribution company, which joined Earth Alive in 2014. With a natural propensity for adventure and discovery, Michael consistently identifies innovative business concepts and brings them to market, with a focus on products that are earth and human-friendly. Michael was appointed CEO of the company in May 2017 and he continues to be responsible for product and market development in various parts of the world, particularly Latin America, Africa and North America. He has a Business Degree from Bishop’s University.

Marcelo Soutullo, VP Global Operations, Dust Solutions

Prior to settling in Montreal in 2000, Marcelo Soutullo spent more than 15 years working in the maritime industry, managing fleet personnel and coordinating marine standard certifications. As an independent consultant, he focused on sustainable and renewable energy production using organic material, and represented Earth Alive products to distributors based in the Caribbean and Latin America. Marcelo joined Earth Alive as Vice President of Business Development in March of 2013.

Dr Viviane Yargeau, CTO

Dr. Viviane Yargeau is a Professor in Chemical Engineering at McGill University and an Associate Member of the McGill School of Environment. Her expertise is in chemical & environmental engineering. She is a leader in the control of environmental pollutants and her research focuses on both fundamental and technological aspects leading to improvement of technologies to mitigate the release of pollutants in the environment and the development of green alternatives. Dr. Yargeau has co-developed the two Earth Alive flagship products. She leads her own group of researchers and has established strong research collaborations internationally as well as industrial collaboration. Her multidisciplinary research program also includes working closely with toxicologists in order to assess the impact of contaminants on the environment and public health. Dr. Yargeau serves on various committees including the international management committee of the International Water Association (IWA) Advanced Oxidation Processes Specialist Group. The innovative aspects of her research have already been recognized by several publications in peer-reviewed journals and international research awards.

Pierre M. Brault, CFO

Pierre has over 20 years of business experience in, namely, corporate and project development, strategic planning, operations, and mergers and acquisitions both on a local and international level. He is a chartered financial analyst (CFA) and a lawyer, and obtained an MBA from IMD, Switzerland.

Simon Neufeld, Chief Agronomist

Simon Neufeld is a Certified Crop Adviser with over 10 years of experience in organic agriculture. He has worked in many facets of the organic industry as a researcher and agronomist, helping conventional farms transition to organics and organic farms improve their productivity. Prior to joining Earth Alive, Simon was Agronomist for Homestead Organics, Eastern Ontario’s premier organic feed mill and farm supply company. Simon holds an MSc in Plant Science from the University of Manitoba.