Company Overview

Earth Alive Clean Technologies develops and distributes environmentally sound microbial products that resolve some of the greatest sustainability challenges currently faced in the agriculture and, mining sectors.

Our story

Based on scientific research starting in 2005, Earth Alive Clean Technologies and strategic partners developed two microbial products and the last phases of R&D towards commercialization began in 2012. Our biotechnology innovations have allowed us to create environmentally sustainable products, which replace the harmful chemicals conventionally used in various industries, with a focus on agriculture and mining.

Our mission

Earth Alive Clean Technologies aims to be a world leader in solutions to sustainability challenges faced by the agriculture and mining industries through the use of cutting edge microbial technology to replace conventional practices and products.

We believe that business and environmental sustainability no longer need to be at odds, but rather that the private sector can and must play an important role in the transition to a more sustainable future where economic, social and technological progress occurs in harmony.

We also believe that the private sector can be an important partner and play a vital role in global efforts for sustainable development. We aim to support international cooperation on access to technology and innovation, and the dissemination of environmentally sound technologies to countries around the world.

Our business

Microbial technology offers innovative, sustainable, and economically viable solutions in a changing global environment. Earth Alive’s business is to harness the power of microorganisms to create products that improve agricultural productivity and reverse land degradation, increase resource efficiency and reduce pollution, and ensure the health and wellbeing of a rapidly growing human population. In line with our mission, we have developed two game-changing technologies for the agriculture and mining industries: Soil Activator® and EA1 Dust suppressant.


Soil Activator® is a patent-pending, non-crop specific, Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved microbial soil inoculant that is compliant with international organic standards. The biotechnology used in its manufacture is at the cutting-edge of sustainable agriculture and significantly enhances crop production.

It contains a blend of various very specialized microbes and a synergistic compound which, when applied to the soil, significantly increases and improves the vigour of crops and makes nutrients more available to the plants. Roots growth is enhanced allowing better absorption of nutrients and water. This allows farmers anywhere in the world to produce higher yields, more robust crops in a way that is affordable and environmentally sustainable. Soil Activator® has demonstrated its effectiveness on numerous crops and is currently used in organic and conventional farming operations from Africa to Latin America.

 Dust Control

Water is often difficult to supply, expensive to apply and a valuable resource that must be protected to ensure sustainable development. Our proprietary blend of microorganisms produces an extremely effective dust suppressant efficiently decreasing emissions of fine particles by up to 99% on mining sites and access roads.

This novel technology reduces the need for continuous application of water allowing mines to cut back on their water consumption by up to 80%, resulting in savings making commercial sense for the mine operators, and increased availability of water for human and animal consumption and for agriculture. EA1 Dust suppressant is currently being rolled out for large scale use on a wide range of mining operations in Africa to Latin America.